Booking Fee / Deposit
Your date is reserved and your order confirmed when the deposit is received by Sugar Bowl Bakes. The booking retainer fee will be £100 or 50% of the total balance should your order be £150 or less. The booking fee/ deposit is non- refundable. Should you need to change the date or move your event please contact me and I will attempt to accommodate, however I cannot guarantee this will be possible. Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer. Cash is only accepted in person.  Should you choose the cancel your wedding for any reason rather than make postponements to your day then your booking fee will be retained as my contract is to supply a cake which can be provided to any location or date. This booking fees can not be moved onto celebration cake bookings.


*Covid update: Should your wedding be affected by a UK national lockdown, your deposit will be moved onto your new wedding date at the same venue. No additional charges will apply if the wedding is re-booked within 12 months of the original wedding date.  Should your wedding move by more than 12 months or move to a new venue, additional charges may be applied.  If for any reason I am unable to accommodate your new date and the postponement is solely down to a national lockdown, then a refund will be issued.  Should your wedding need to be postponed due to the Bride or Groom having covid (when not in a national lockdown) no additional charges will apply if the wedding is re-booked within 6 months of the original wedding date.  Should your wedding move by more than 6 months or move to a new venue, additional charges may be applied.  Should the Bride and Groom choose to postpone their wedding due to any other reasons relating to covid that fall outside of the parameters above then additional charges may apply.

Final Payment
Should you have a remaining balance, it must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the wedding. If payment is not received prior to the event I reserve the right to refuse your order.  Should any unforeseen circumstances arise and you feel you need to cancel your wedding rather than make postponements all payments made will be held, with this in mind I would urge all couples to have wedding insurance in place.  Should you wish to pay your balance ahead of the 8 week deadline no refunds can be issued.  Should you need to move your wedding to a new location or date please get in touch asap and I will do all i can to accommodate. 

The date of your final payment is the final date for any changes of size, style or flavours of the cake. Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges.

If flowers are provided by an outside source, you acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants.

Products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk.

I reserve the right to use any photographs for my own reference, display or promotional advertisement without compensation to you.

Delivery and set up
This is required for all wedding cakes. There is a charge for this service which is based on distance. Should you insist on picking up your wedding cake from Sugar Bowl Bakes, I will not be responsible for damage incurred once the cake leaves the premises.

Release of Liability
Sugar Bowl Bakes will make every possible effort to create and safely deliver your cake. Once delivery and set up is complete Sugar Bowl Bakes shall not assume any responsibility for your guests', florist's or any other supplier working near your cake.  Should the venue move the cake after set up, it will be solely their responsibility and liability should damage occur.  High temperatures can adversely affect your cake. It is your responsibility to arrange with the venue an appropriate spot for the cake, out of direct sunlight and away from unnecessary heat such as radiators or open fires. It is important that you discuss the cake table arrangements with your venue, ensuring there will be a safe and level table available the morning of your wedding.

Creating your cake
Cake design is a creative and organic process. I will endeavour to replicate and create your selected design as closely as possible. As the cake designer I reserve the right to make last minute changes to the cake design, if I feel appropriate to achieve the best cake for your occasion.

In the case of a cake emergency or an error with your cake please contact me immediately so I can fix the issue straight away.  If you are unhappy with your cake, for any reason, please call me on the day of your wedding, I understand this may not be possible as the Bride or Groom in which case please ask the venue to call me to explain the situation. My contact details will be left with them at time of delivery. In the rare case that you are unhappy with your cake and would like a refund, your cake must be returned or a collection requested on the day. Without proof that you are indeed unhappy with the product and will not be using it for your wedding, we are unable to refund any portion of your payment.

Mitigating circumstances
We will do our utmost to ensure that your order is fulfilled but should unforeseen circumstances prevent this, we will offer a full refund and also try to source another local and trusted baker to fulfil your order. As a very last resort a dummy cake will be offered for use on the day to allow you to have photos taken ‘cutting’ the cake.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please get in touch.

* applies to all new bookings made on or after 25.05.2021